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A red carpet year for Chief People Officer?

No – but there is always a but, isn´t it … 🤘

👸🏼 Red Carpet events have some characteristics in common with the attention and spotlight CPO’s have been thrown in right now. The COVID-19 pandemic put #HRD’s or #CHRO’s or CPO’s – however you name them – into the center of reinvention. Reinventions to keep their colleagues healthy, maintain the morality, emerge remote leading, determine new forms of communication, while contributing through verified #ChangeManagement to the bottom line of the business. 

“We have left the #ComfortZone behind us, which had long since become fragile. In terms of the future, that’s not bad news.“ 💪

(, Horx 2021)

Managing the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic and leading national crisis teams, I cannot agree more. But now it will be essential to abandon annual budgets and plan to steer continuously. We all struggle with bottlenecks, unresponsive planning and budgeting, zoom and email overload, and what´s the worst for me: short term result and reporting obsession. COVID forces upcoming operating developments, which can contribute to the better, and they will be circled around people differently. 

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HR – Gitta Blatt

New #remote work models will have to leave over-controlled traffic lights systems, heavy process-loaded with a reporting focus, and driving compliance on top of the agenda while working with the assumption of untrustworthy teams behind. 

Referring to the red carpet:

There is a relevant request to have the CPO’s on stage now – to design the answer to #NewWork speed in complex COVID surrounding and build integrative team roundabouts and circles, instead of stopping traffic lights. 🚦

The #CPO will enable the business like no other role, which now follows a different set of assumptions about people and solutions. You will need to invest in new cooperating systems. Systems, which follow the #assumption, that people are #trustworthy, responsible and integrated into the problem to better shape the solutions than any HQ advise can do. The visible result might quickly lead to higher outcomes and might even be safer and cheaper to maintain. Why? Because people feel comfortable.

Teams will be less worried about “red light or green light” allowances and the question of “who has permission”.

You can think a lot about #workflow, about the tools you use, the #people you advise and seek advice from – how you make decisions, how you communicate and so on…

But COVID forces us to give fast decisions and team #trust a try while starting the remote experiment of less bureaucracy. This can be an opportunity by not further postponing investments in HR. Many #HR leaders will now curiously observe in which management teams the courage – towards new relevance in #PeopleManagement – will prevail. 👩🏼‍💻

Gitta Blatt – HR – A red carpet year for Chief People Officer?

Teams need to know who is in charge and who decides what. 🙈 Usually, many decisions do not require long sing-off allowances. Under relevant authority for HR leaders, the business could change fast. 🐵 Be it in restructuring, cost #management, short-time work, physical or mental health, people innovations, work-life balance, or remote hiring. In a nutshell: the management of #NewNormal, of #culture and #leadership, org-design in digital communities or international hubs have one thing in common: they ultimately change the HR jobs to be the “make or break” of success.

Better do not fuck it up! 🤘

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